Our work has been featured in numerous television series, commercials, and major motion pictures.

TV and Movies




Our hand painted backdrop, flats, and balloon were featured in this 2018 spot.

CYE youtube thumb.jpg

Curb Your Enthusiasm

Several of our hand painted backdrops were featured in the season finale of the HBO series. Season 9 Episode 10 - Fatwa: The Musical

Hand painted muslin backdrop in the studio

bones 2.jpeg

Bones - 200th Episode

Our hand painted drop was wall mounted on set and featured in a pivotal scene in the highly acclaimed television series.

Hand painted mural on muslin installed on set

Hand painted mural on muslin in the studio

snickers thumb.jpg


Our hand painted backdrop was featured in the 2017 Superbowl live advertisement featuring Adam Driver.

Hand painted 30'x70' muslin backdrop installed on set

50 Shades clip.jpg

50 Shades Darker

Our hand painted backdrop and portico arch served as the stage setting central to the masquerade party and auction scene of the 2017 movie.

Hand painted muslin backdrop in the studio